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[oletrucks] Column Shift Lever/Mast

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Subject: [oletrucks] Column Shift Lever/Mast
From: Hudson29@aol.com
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 21:37:43 EST
    Sunday I was studying the way the column shift worked preparing to change 
out the shift gearbox with the rebuilt unit and noticed that the top unit has 
a damaged part. When pushing the lever up and down as if to confirm neutral, 
the pot metal threaded portion that the lever pivots on moved freely in and 
out of the housing at the top of the column. I have another steering mast and 
shift setup, and dragged it out of the shed to compare with the one on the 
truck. The spare had the same trouble, both pot metal pieces being stripped 
    How do you repair this unit? Does it really matter if it stays stripped 
out like it is now?

Paul O'Neil, Hudson29@aol.com
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The Poor Man's Advanced Design Tech Tips Page
Fullerton, California USA
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