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[oletrucks] AD headlight question

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Subject: [oletrucks] AD headlight question
From: "Mark Self" <markself@discover.net>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 04:33:01 -0800
I've looked in my "Factory Assembly Manual" and "Shop Manual" and "Owners
Manual".  My '55 1st series had now headlights in it when I got it.  I've
collected all the following peices.

1:  Headlight bucket fender to gaskets
2.  Headlight bucket to fender screws and J-Nuts
3.  Headlight buckets
4.  Headlight bucket sub-body
5.  Headlamp to sub-body retaining ring
6.  Headlamp to sub-body retaining ring screws.
7.  Headlight vert. horiz. adjusting screws and nuts.
8.  Headlight trim ring.
9.  Headlight trim ring seal
10.  Headlight trim ring seal to trim ring clips.

    Looking at the headlight unit from the front.  Just above the vert.
adjusting screw.  One of my headlight buckets has a small slot (1/8"x3/4"
approx.)  The other doesn't, yet they have the same part number on them.
Both my new trim rings have a small nothtch in them that corrsponds with the
slot in the bucket.

    Besides the screw on the bottom of the trim ring, what holds the trim
ring onto the headlight bucket?
    It looks like the noth=tch in the ring and the slot in my bucket are
related, but am i missing some parts?
    Whay would one bucket have the slot and the other not.  The people at
Jim Carter said they were all the same.

Mark Self
Redlands, CA
'55 1st 5-window 3100
"Sentimental Journey"

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