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Subject: [oletrucks] truck for sale
From: "brad kyle" <bradkyle@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2000 22:04:49 CST
hey, while filling up my truck before work this morning a guy came up to me 
and mentioned he was going to sell his.
the truck is a 55 2nd series 1/2 ton i looked at it tonight and decided that 
it needs to much for me to buy it but i thought i would post what i found so 
one of you can hopefully find a good home for it.  the truck needs a full 
restoration, but it is in pretty good shape.  the cab corners are rusted 
out, there are rust holes in the lower portions of the front fenders behind 
the wheel wells, the upper headlight aprons are dented and slightly rusted.  
the front sheetmetal is from a 3/4 ton.  the rest of the rust is mainly 
surface rust.  it has no motor, and the transmission is out of it.  the guy 
has two sets of headlights and trim rings, and some various other parts.  
the best part is he only wants $600 firm for it.  i would love to buy it but 
i just can't fix it anytime soon.  if you're seriously wanting to talk to 
the guy ping me off list and i'll give you his name and number.  oh yeah the 
truck is in the omaha nebraska area.

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