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[oletrucks] Off Topic - 64 Truck Value

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Subject: [oletrucks] Off Topic - 64 Truck Value
From: Terry Stellman <STELLMAN@noex.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 09:36:23 -0600

I know this is outside the list range of years but I am trying to help a
friend who is looking at a 1964 3/4 ton stepside and was wondering if
anybody could tell me a price range.  It is licensed, inspected, runs, and
drives.  It has a 230 ci six, 4 speed, rust at the bottom of both front
fenders, dented driver's door, small dings in the rear fenders and tailgate,
but all good glass and overall in fair condition.  The asking price is
$2700.  Please reply to me offline at   stellman@noex.com   if anybody has
any input for me.  All comments will be appreciated.  Thanks.

Terry Stellman
1949 3600
Missouri City, Texas

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