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[oletrucks] funeral cars & license plates & cadillacs

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Subject: [oletrucks] funeral cars & license plates & cadillacs
From: "brad kyle" <bradkyle@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 21:08:55 CST
about the funeral cars...Cadillac, Lincoln, etc. only make a comercial 
chassis....companies like Miller Meteor, Krystal Coaches, Superior, etc. 
turn them into flower cars, ambulances, and hearses.  if you would like to 
find out more just type hearses into your search engine.

as for license plates...i live near the Omaha, Nebraska area and have been 
driving my 54 daily for the last month without a bumper, grill, and plate 
and haven't been stopped yet.  also i see a lot of new Corvette's without 
front plates.

as for the Cadillac Broughm...i've owned an 84&85 SeVille (avoid the 4.1 V8 
like the plague!!!) and i used Restore and noticed a difference in power and 
fuel economy (12mpg to 17).  as for dropping a 350 in...as long as the 
transmission isn't computer controlled (if it has the lock up torque 
converter you could wire it to a toggle switch somewhere)and you are not 
installing a fuel injected or computer controlled carb you could just forget 
the computer is there.  if you decide to do this swap i wish you the best of 
luck.  lord knows my Cads had so much wiring that any small electrical 
problem became a week long nightmare.

sorry for the mixed topics and long mail.  just haven't been able to check 
it everyday.


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