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[oletrucks] What year is it 41-46 ? UPDATE

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Subject: [oletrucks] What year is it 41-46 ? UPDATE
From: "Ole Trucks" <hollisbsa@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 18:56:44 EDT
Thanks all for the things to look at.  Here is a recap after I received your 
1. There are 5 very wide bed boards so I guess these are replacements.  
There is also a medal plate welded on top of the whole bed.
2. The key is in the passenger door not the handel. (not a 41)
3. the rear window is all rubber (no chrome/medal frame) - not a 41
4. the parking lights are one piece (not a 41)
5. the front inner fender brace is going to the frame not the cowl
6. the rear inner fender brace is towards the tailgate on one side and there 
is a 4-6" chunk of medal missing from the other side where it should be.

Bob ADler
1. the gas tank has a leather ring - it is attached to a medal piece screwed 
into the cab using 4 straight screws (not clutch screws)
2. the firewall contains 6 peaces that all look to be a toughly rapped (hard 
woven) cloth almost feeling like felt.  Also the started in the cab floor 
and the break/clutch and steering colume contains the same material.

1. the motor serial number as best I can find is 67-538 this is over the 
dipstick  I did not remove the valve cover however this will be taken off 
once I receive a new gasket
2. can not find a number on the pumpkin
3. the tranny is the best - next to the shifter is the numbers 1 20 5 is has 
a circle with a line through is in front of the number and a much smaller 
circle with a line through it at the end of the number
4. on the drive side of the tranny is the number 1 21 5 with the same 
circles in front and behind then the next line down is a very large 2 and 
then the next line down is the letters GM
5 I could not find any numbers on the steering box
6 the break master has the numbers 5250266 73R
7 I will be pulling the gauge cluster in the next few weeks and let you know 
if I can see a date
8 the generator has 1102567  0F26 on the tag
9 the stater has a oval plate but I can not see anything on it
10 the distributor has no numbers I could find

One last thing from me - the front bumper was chrome that is now pealing bad 
and the front grill is in worse condition and was just painted a crappy 
chrome before I got it

Any other ideas.  Do you think the Tranny was made January 1945??  Would 
that explain the weird VIN?  Where there ANY trucks made for the US market 
in 45?

Jim House
194? Chevy 1/2 Ton

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