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[oletrucks] New Toys & Questions for the '47!!

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Subject: [oletrucks] New Toys & Questions for the '47!!
From: VIKINGHILL@aol.com
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 09:14:36 EDT
Hi all,
First I have to start out by Seconding the post a few weeks back that said to 
get the door latch covers to stop your door from giggling.  They work 
wonderfull and are a no brainer to install.  Also got the new slidding glass 
window  for the back, well worth the $89 at chevyduty, it is tinted, so I 
guess the rest of the glass will need to be tinted as well.... Any way I also 
got some bezels for the headlamps and Have no idea how to put in the clips or 
the seals, Can any one help me? I have checked both my 1947 shop manual and 
owners manual and cannot find a decent picture.   I also fixed the hack job 
someone did to my dash and installed an original radio head (junkyard find..) 
to fill in the hole.  
I appreciate any and all help.
Thanks in ADvance!
'47-2nd thriftmaster
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