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[oletrucks] Great Chevy p/u book, called Chevy Pickup Trucks...

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Subject: [oletrucks] Great Chevy p/u book, called Chevy Pickup Trucks...
From: GremlinGTs@aol.com
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 11:14:07 EDT
  I was at the used book store yesterday, and ran across a great book with 
mostly ALL color shots in it, and lots of them! Published by Motorbooks 
International, author is Steve Statham, its 96 pages of Chevy trucks from the 
early '30's to the early '70's, but the Task Force trucks seem to have a 
majority of the coverage and pictures. One I REALLY loved is a red NAPCO '55 
Chevy Suburban, from Jim Knight of "Pickups 'n Panels in Print", great 
right-front shot of it. The book shows close-ups of the dashs, an original TF 
radio, some orginal ads, the optional hood rockets of '56 and '57 Chevy, some 
old B & W photo's of them being used as work trucks, like a highway "cone 
plucker", and a special Texas magnetic "nail picker" truck with DUAL REAR 
WHEELS on a PANEL truck. The GMC pics are few, about 2 pages worth, with the 
Suburban P/U shown twice and the automatic column shift photo's featured for 
GMC. There's even a 1-ton '57 Chevy flatbed truck picture, nice dark green 
w/white roof. I counted 20 pages out of the books as covering just TF alone, 
55-59 ( 21 counting the front cover of a nice blue '57 Cameo ). The AD's get 
just 8 pages, The '30's and '40's trucks ( with hardly a mention and no pics 
of the '46-47 Wurlizter trucks) get about 23 pages, and the later 60's and 
'70's trucks get the rest, including some of the El Camino and Corvair 
Rampside P/U. All in all, a nice book for anyone's collection. It's normally 
$12.95 new, according to the book cover, printed in '96, the ISBN # is   :   
0-7603-0103-4 . so, that's my contribution for today. Have a great Sunday!

Jerry Casper
Woodbridge, VA

'55 TF Suburban
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