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[oletrucks] Question on 59 Stepside box

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Subject: [oletrucks] Question on 59 Stepside box
From: Mushgilday@aol.com
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 12:59:31 EDT
  Hey all,
              I found a half decent long bed Stepside box on an old truck 
about ten miles away. The inside of the box however has a length of heavy 2" 
angle iron bolted to each side panel just above the bed. This appears to be a 
modification from the original box. The bolt heads are carriage style and 
look like 1" rivets running along the outside of the panels. Is this in fact 
the way that the 59 Stepside boxes are supposed to look? It looks fine to me, 
but I'm trying to keep the truck looking as original as possible. What's the 

  Mike Gilday
59 Apache Fleet..uh..Stepside
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