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[oletrucks] off subject, 1957 sedan delivery F.S.

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Subject: [oletrucks] off subject, 1957 sedan delivery F.S.
From: VIKINGHILL@aol.com
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 16:01:43 EDT
Hi all, 
I work with this guy and he is a big wig here at work.
He has a 1957 sedan delivery, he said that it was rare because it has the 
glass panels on the side and not the metal, it looks like a 2dr. stationwagon 
with a sedan delivery rear.   This car  has had been media blasted and all 
the body parts replaced that were bad, it has a light coating of rust from 
sitting in the humid air here in Ga. The car is setting on a rotissery at his 
shop, He has all the parts except the engine and the trannie.  He has 2 extra 
1957 frames and rears, he has a bunch of parts from his last resto, a 1957 
bellair convertable that he sold, and a 1957 parts car.  He said that he has 
two of every thing (steering wheels/columns, (both auto and standard), as 
well as dash pieces and othe misc. pieces.  The price is a mere $6,200 ( he 
might go down a little, but I don't know.) The car is obviously not drivable 
and would need to be picked up, (Dalton, Ga. - 25 miles south of Chattanooga, 
Tn. Right on Interstate 75.)  If anyone is interested give me a buzz and I 
might be able to get you some photo's with my digital camera.
It sounds good, and he has no reason to lie, I work with him quite often.
Thanks in ADvance,
-47 thriftmaster
-pilgram to the deprived, (ie, working on a mustang)
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