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[oletrucks] 6 bolts to 5

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Subject: [oletrucks] 6 bolts to 5
From: "Edward T. Dingo" <cen36932@centuryinter.net>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 19:09:25 -0400
First off, thanks to the powers that be for this board-and the
opportunity to ask and learn.
  I have just purchased a '57 1/2 ton, shorty stepside. It has 6 bolt
wheels and I have a garage full of chevy 5 bolt ralley wheels. In the
Jim Carter catalog, he has 5 bolt drums and hubs, turned, for $55
apiece. Reasonable, I think. Is this all that is needed to convert front
end to chevy 5 bolt pattern? Special bearings needed? No other change to
backing plate? Shoes the same for 6 and 5 bolt?
  Turning to the rear, my mechanic (from the old school), has an early
Firebird rear end that he said he will measure length and compare.
Question is how to mount rear...in present position UNDER springs, or
BETWEEN springs and frame. If the latter, I don't want the truck too
low. My wife and I have "restified" a 1958 Trotwood 16 ft. travel
trailer, and the '57 will be assuming towing duties. Presently a six, 3
on the tree; plans are for a 327 and pg. Already own donor vehicle-a
1968 Impala.
  Thanks in advance for your help, folks. And to Wayne for turning me on
to this.

Ed from Michigan
1957 1/2 ton shorty step

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