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[oletrucks] lowering rear with original leaf springs

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Subject: [oletrucks] lowering rear with original leaf springs
From: "Don Simmons" <tasimmons@cbnn.net>
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 19:44:44 -0700
What can be done with the original rear leaf springs to lower a 53 3100? Can
leaves be removed? Is there an inexpensive alternative? I would like to go
with monoleafs but $400. price tag is holding me back. Thanks in advance for
any advice!
Don Simmons    By the way I have installed a (Chevelle?) rear end now and
have put the 54 car hubs/drums on allready for 5-lug wheels. Works great.
Also is there a kit of some kind to mount the rear end better? The rear end
I used was taken from a 49 pickup that was allready converted by someone
else along the way. Thats why the question mark after Chevelle,I'm told
thats where it came from anyway. The mounting of spring perches is so-so and
done by previous owner, so if there is something out there that is better
I'd like to know. Thanks again!

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