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[oletrucks] Re: [napco4x4] Don't necessarily trust new name brand parts

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Subject: [oletrucks] Re: [napco4x4] Don't necessarily trust new name brand parts
From: ADvent@thuntek.net
Date: Fri, 05 May 2000 08:39:50 -0600
Mark, I know the feeling, kinda. I was a tech at a Chevy dealer in Enid Oklahoma
and it was my first dealer job. To my mistake, I showed an interest in the new
5.7 liter diesels. Ok, now I am a diesel tech now and I am tearing down the
bottom end of one and lo and behold, there is a broken main bolt. Or it looked
like a main bolt. After I got to looking I figured out what happened. Some
schmuck on the assembly line took a head bolt or something and stacked about 8
washers and bolted it up. You know the yellow paint that junk yards use in a
little bottle? Well, that schmuck wrote the most vulgar 2 word phrase you can
think of  with exclamation points too! No wonder the engine was knocking like an
unwanted mother in law at the front door. I bet that one was built on a Friday. 
worked for Jeep, too. Man, what sloppy stuff we fixed before we could even sell
it. Like no oil in the diffs, loose wheels, mal-aligned doors, I even had to 
apart the complete dash on a brand new Grand Cherokee with a non operating AC
system flapper door. What a nightmare that was! All those vacuum hoses and 
and wires, ugh. Anyway, the problem was a missing clip to hold a rod on a lever.
Could been worse for me, it coulda been a Jag or a Mercedes.

MarkNoakes@aol.com wrote:

> Just because it's new and brand name doesn't mean that you can trust the
> parts you have; check everything.  And before you say that this was just
> Chrysler, I believe I've also heard of this same thing happening on a GM
> crate smallblock once.  Believe I'll check my GM crate 350's timing before it
> goes in the Suburban.
> Mark Noakes
> 58/56 Chevy Suburban
> 66 Corvair
> 86 Chevy Silverado
> 86 Corvette Indy convertible
> Knoxville, TN
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