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[oletrucks] A pleasant surprise! (long)

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Subject: [oletrucks] A pleasant surprise! (long)
From: Survyvr1@webtv.net
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 02:24:33 -0500 (CDT)
When I bought my truck last Oct. it had rust spots all over the paint
job. Working my way over these has been both a pain and a joy. Bumper
paint, as well, had rust streaks emanating from bolts and various nicks
and scratches.
This afternoon as I was on my back removing the bottom mount screw/bolts
for my grill (changing out), I happened to notice that all that was
chipped and nicked, on my bumper, was not necessarily rust?....Satin
grey and no rust, hmmm? Could it be?!? Break out the Marhyde(?) paint
remover (works fantastic by the way), some masking tape and kraft paper,
square it away and go on to removing rust and "tar" from the inside cab
roof (another story). 
A half hour later, and after about another half hour of elbow grease,
imagine my surprise staring at my "new" STAINLESS STEEL bumper!!!!!!!
Yup, the rear too!!!!!!!
Next question: How do I go about polishing these babies up? Evidently it
was too hard for the PO to mess with and he opted for paint..lol. The
finish is kinda dull at present (still, kinda neat though), but in spots
I can tell these suckers will shine up great. 
I don't have a grinder/wire wheel that I can convert, don't know anybody
with a buffer/polishing set-up, and certainly can't afford to pay
somebody. Any ideas? Can it be done with a drill and small buffing
I'm sorta out of my depth on this subject.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Steve Douglas
51 3100
Lincoln, NE

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