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Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 07:34:45 -0700
Mike, Jack

Where can I get the seals and sleeves for the axles. None of the catalogs I have
(Chevy Duty or Jim Carter) carry them?


George  <><

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> << Is it possible to replace the seals without removing the axles? >>
> No, George, the axles must be pulled to remove and install the seals.  Not a
> big job, just messy.  Jack up both sides of rear and remove wheels and drums.
>  Pull the rear cover (have a drip pan ready to catch the 90wt oil).  push in
> slightly on the axle to allow the "C" clip to be removed from inside the
> differential.  Axle will now slide out of the housing.  Old seal is pressed
> into the end of the axle housing.  Pry out with a large screwdriver or get a
> seal puller.  New seal is tapped in place carefully with a hammer or seal
> installation tool.  Check and make sure the axles are not "grooved" where the
> seal rides.  Sleeves are available if badly worn.  Reinstall all the parts in
> the reverse order.  Good luck.
> Mike Klepp
> '48 3100
> Wichita Falls, TX

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