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[oletrucks] 3-spd question on 1967 van!

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Subject: [oletrucks] 3-spd question on 1967 van!
From: "Don Simmons" <tasimmons@cbnn.net>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 19:47:39 -0700
My sons 67 GMC van with 283 and 3-spd has developed a grinding when shifting
into 3rd. It seems to shift fine into all other gears with ease and no
noise. Could this be a clutch adjust problem or is it definately a syncro
going out? It seems odd that only the 3rd gear syncro would go bad. Isn't it
usually the first gear syncro that goes out first? This is also a collumn
shift. Thanks for help and advice!
Don Simmons
1953 3100
1962 C10 etc.

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