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Re: [oletrucks] grill repair in Colorado

To: "tim" <lloydt@Colorado.EDU>, "Ole Truckers" <oletrucks@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: [oletrucks] grill repair in Colorado
From: "G. Simmons" <gls@4link.net>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 23:50:04 -0700
Tim,  There's got to be somebody in Denver who can do this for you.  It
ain't that hard, especially if they buy a new nose.  The rest of the pieces
are basically flat or lightly curved.  A little careful hammer and dolly and
paint ought to fix it.

Take it to a few places and talk to them about how they're gonna do it.
When you find someone who can tell you clearly how he's going to
disassemble, pound out the dents, finish the metal, repaint and and
reinstall, that's probably all you need.  If they start talking about bondo,
keep going (a little bondo is ok).


Grant S.
54 3100 (mostly all there)
54 3100 (mostly not there)
55 1st 3100 (mostly rust)
Los Angeles, CA

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