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[oletrucks] (Toys) '58 Chevy Fleetside diecast Hotwheels hits stores!

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Subject: [oletrucks] (Toys) '58 Chevy Fleetside diecast Hotwheels hits stores!
From: GremlinGTs@aol.com
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 23:36:34 EDT
  I decided to shoot myself over to my local Target dept. store after work, 
good thing I didn't miss the opportunity...I found 3 of the orange AMX 
Hotwheels cars, and also 3 of the turquoise '58 Apache large-window fleetside 
1/64th diecast collectible that Hotwheels has put out for $8-10. These were 
$8 at Target. I only bought one of the trucks, as I only had enough money to 
get the three AMXs plus one truck. So I scored a direct hit for my AMC / Old 
Truck diecast collection today. :) Theycome in  a black box, usually hanging 
up near the hotwheels in the blue packages. I might try to get the other 
trucks tomorrow , need to hit the bank up. Hopefully they'll still be there, 
but probably not. Those diecasts tend to move quickly. Just thought I'd give 
you "mini-Trucker" collectors a heads-up on more stuff out there for your 
collections. Later, people!

Jerry Casper
Woodbridge, VA
'55 Chevy Suburban
'57 CHevy 4-dr sedan
'70 Javelin
'78 Gremlin GT
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