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[oletrucks] Project Up For Sale

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Subject: [oletrucks] Project Up For Sale
From: CyrusR@aol.com
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 22:15:16 EDT
Due to the fact that my employer is up for sale, I have decided to turn my 
1957 wraparound back glass truck into someone else's project.  It's really 
going to make a quality truck, and most of the hard, dirty work is done.  
I've probably got over $4000 in the truck just in cash outlay, not to mention 
that the frame and the cab have been totally stripped, all rusty sheet metal 
replaced, primed, and partially painted.  It has power steering, an automatic 
transmission, and a 3.08 rear axle ratio.  It also has mono leaf front 
springs.  Currently, it is all disassembled, but almost ready to reassemble.  
I have many, many new parts for it.  If you have some interest, E-mail me 
directly and I will describe it further.  I will consider selling any or all 
of the package, offering a better deal if someone wants everything.  I'm 
located in Northwest Arkansas.  Let me know if you'd be interested in this.  
It will make an excellent ride!

Randy Underwood, CyrusR@aol.com
Northwest Arkansas
'57 Chevy 1/2 ton, Wraparound back glass, auto, power steering, in pieces on 
the floor!

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