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Subject: [oletrucks] Re: Coil Springs
From: Barb Boedigheimer <Boedigheimer@planacc.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 17:46:00 -0700
Anyone know anything about front coil springs and lowering. I narrowed a
79 Chev 3/4 ton IFS six inches and put it in my 49 GMC. Looks like
everything is going to work OK except that despite putting the IFS a
couple of inches up to offset the lift, I am still about three inches
high. Seems that the stock 228 six doesn't put enough weight on the
front to compress the springs down to where then need to be. I took out
the big block springs and replaced them with the stock 6 cylinder
springs but am still about two inches high in the front. I dont want to
ruin the ride quality and I want to get to stock height.
The big block springs were 1024 pounds per inch and the new ones are
about 864 lbs. per inch. So I am looking for suggestions on how to get
my height right. Can I cut the lighter springs down and not make the
ride to harsh or do I need to get the springs that are for lowering the
front end 2 or 3 inches ? Or any other suggestions would be very
You guys and gals are the experts and I look forward to reading the list
every day...

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