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[oletrucks] Temperature Sending Unit Question

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Subject: [oletrucks] Temperature Sending Unit Question
From: Mikerross@aol.com
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 11:12:56 EDT
Guys I'm stumped.  I've been trying to solve a problem with my temperature 
sending unit for months without success.

Here's the deal.  I dropped a Chevy 305 into my '56 truck.  I hooked the wire 
from the dashboard temperature gauge to the new temperature sending on the 
re-built 305.  As soon as the engine began warming-up the temp goes straight 
to "hot".  (By the way I installed an "after-market" sensor that says my 
engine is running at 180 degrees.)  A guy at the auto-parts store sold me 
another sending unit that is a closer match to what I need to synch-up with 
my original gauge.  But the new sending unit still shows very close to hot 
when the engine is running at normal temp.

I've bought two new sending units and while I'm getting closer I'n not there 
yet.  I don't mind trying things by "trial and error" but at $12.50 a shot 
this is getting expensive and I might be buying several more sending units at 
the rate I'm going.

Any ideas on how I might proceed?  I like having all my original gauges 
working properly without using any after market stuff if possible.

Thanks a lot.

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