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[oletrucks] Parts and trucks for sale in Mo.

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Subject: [oletrucks] Parts and trucks for sale in Mo.
From: "jsclaire" <jsclaire@inlink.com>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 00:57:50 -0600
If anyone on the list is interested, I have several trucks and parts for
sale. (fenders, grills etc..)
My fiance says I need to get rid of the things I wont be needing for my
current 2 truck projects.
(1) A 1954 3 window 1/2 ton, no motor or tranny, no title, has late model
rear end, decent grill, solid fenders
(2) A complete but not running 1953 5 window 1/2 ton, no title
(3) A complete 1948 3/4 ton flatbed with title, very solid with little rust
( I have never attempted to start this truck but the previous owner said it
was running when he parked it a few years ago) It would probably only take a
couple hours or so to get it running again.
(4) A 1972 3/4 ton GMC with title, no motor or tranny
(5) The last complete truck is one of my current projects, A 1954 1/2 ton 5
window with a fresh rebuilt 305  smallblock and 350 turbo with 700 actual
miles on each. This truck was subframed with a 78 camaro and runs strong.
the only thing this truck needs to be totaly complete is some bodywork and
some paint. You could literally drive this one home if you bought it.
(6) I also have many spare parts and would consider parting some of these
trucks out but would prefer to sell them whole
If you have any questions, just ping me off the list and I will get back
with you  jsclaire@inlink.com
Thank You
Todd C
1954 3100 streetrod
1951 3100  3 3/4" choptop streetrod in about 1001 pieces
oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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