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RE: [oletrucks] Number on tranny?

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Subject: RE: [oletrucks] Number on tranny?
From: "Hanlon, Bill" <Bill.Hanlon@COMPAQ.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 12:06:22 -0600
The 288, 316, 347 and 336 all looked the same and mounted the same.
All external engine dimensions are the same.  Actually, Pontiac 
continued to make this engine until 1963 as a 370" (1958) and 
389" (59-63).  In 63 they redesigned the heads, water pump and 
motor mounting areas of the engine, so these later engines would 
require non-stock motor mounts (at least) to go into the truck.
The size of the engine can be determined from the engine number.
It is found on the passenger's side of the block, just forward 
of the coolant drain cock.  Mine starts with "A347".  

The beds on the 1 ton pickups were exactly the same as those 
on the 1/2 and 3/4 ton models.  I don't think the stock rear 
fenders on these beds would not be wide enough for dually rear 
axles.  The stock rear axle did NOT have dual rear wheels.

The Master Parts Manuals are hard to come buy.  That on-line 
auction service that we oletruckers are not supposed to mention 
is where I found mine.  It took months of waiting for one to 
be listed and then the selling price was around $50 including 

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Thanks, Bill, great info! That's the second time I've heard that the engine
is probably a 288.  I'm assuming that if I can't find a 288, a 316 would be
the next to look for. The bit about the wheelbase is another thing I didn't
know (different lengths!). I had thought a one-ton was a one ton. Does that
book say anything about what kind of a bed originally came with the 253
model? Currently it has a stepside bed but the previous owner said he put
that on and had the fenders flared to cover the extra wheels.
One more question, about the rear end: how to determine which gear ratio I
Looks like I need to get me one of these GMC Master Parts Manuals, if
there's such good stuff in it.


"Hanlon, Bill" wrote:

> My GMC Master Parts Manual says that your 253 model
> should have a 210U Hydra-Matic.  The markings are found
> on a tag just above the rear side of the transmission pan.
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