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[oletrucks] 58 GMC sales brochure

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Subject: [oletrucks] 58 GMC sales brochure
From: "Hanlon, Bill" <Bill.Hanlon@COMPAQ.com>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 08:01:57 -0600
I have purchased what I thought was a 57 GMC sales
brochure (see details in the e-mail to "John" below) that 
was actually a 58 brochure.  Before I send it back, I 
thought that I would offer it to other list members for 
the same $15 I paid for it.  It is in really good shape, 
just that the guy who put it up for auction did not 
correctly describe it.  If I don't hear from anyone by 
Thursday I'll return it.  If you are interested let me 
know and I'll send you the URL to look at it.

> >
> >John: The brochure arrived yesterday and I'm afraid that there is one
> >slight problem. The brochure is for 1958 GMC trucks instead of 1957. The
> >only date I found on it was 8-57, just about the time the 58 models were
> >being introduced.
> >
> >The reason I bid on the brochure was to expand my collection of 57 GMC
> >stuff. My everyday driver (picture attached below) is a 57 GMC V8. The
> >differences are that the 57 has one headlight on each side and the 58 has
> >two. Also, the V8 engine in 57 was 347 cubic inches while the brochure
> >lists the V8 option as 336 cubic inches, which was the 58-59 V8.
> >
> >I would like to return the brochure and get a refund. Even better would
> >to exchange it for a 57 brochure if you have one. Or any other 57
> >documentation that I do not already have.
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