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[oletrucks] outside sunvisor

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Subject: [oletrucks] outside sunvisor
From: 237459N@knotes.kodak.com
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 08:55:48 -0400
From: W P. Fricke

I recently had a sunvisor made based on the original design. Its currently
"in the paint shop". The overall shape is pretty faithful. The brackets
however are no where near as nice or authentic as the originals. At the
same time, the place doing the painting acquired a '47 that came with a
sunvisor. Two questions: 1)Is there a place that I might be able to pick up
more authentic brackets? 2)Because this is a 3 piece design, the left and
right sides slide into the middle. How does one prevent the paint from
being scratched? Should I consider some kind of small welt to slip over the
edges to prevent this? Have it painted as a unit?

'53 3100
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