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Subject: [oletrucks] direction tips
From: "Tom" <tomntam@earthlink.net>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 21:10:45 -0400
I just finished doctoring on my 350 motor and got it running for the first
time since 1986. I didn't rebuild it but put on a new carb, water pump, fuel
pump, and oil pump.  I also had the generator and starter rebuilt.  Oh and
don't forget the 350 TH that was rebuilt.
I am not really looking to make it a show truck, just a nice looking driver.
Who knows though maybe it will grow in to a  local show truck.
I guess my question is this.  Should i start on the inside next or start
removing fenders and inner fenders. I plan on removing the body parts one
section at a time and doing what i can to the rust and then priming them.
Paint will be down the road, thinking about blue and silver.
There are some pictures on my web site of my engine before and after i
cleaned it up.  There are also some picts of my truck before i had done much
of anything. The body is still basically the same, however i did clean it up
Any tips and pointers would be appreciated.
                Thanks and friendly regards from the Carolinas,
                        Tom Cooper

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