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[oletrucks] Installing window trim (outside)

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Subject: [oletrucks] Installing window trim (outside)
From: "53ChevyTruck" <kmm1024@webstorehosting.org>
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 17:15:53 -0800 (PST)
I'm installing my outside window trim (the stainless trim around the
window opening) and it doesn't fit very well.  These doors originally had
steel trim so these pieces aren't from the same doors.  At a recent car
show, I checked out everyone's truck to see if they have the same problem,
and I found it on a few trucks. (see picture at
http://www.webstorehosting.org/~kevmor/PDRM0315.JPG).  The trim doesn't go
all the way over.  Mine is doing the same thing as the one in the picture,
where there is almost a small gap where you could see into the door.  I've
had the trim out a couple of times and even tried prying the inside part
of it larger to see if it would go over the metal door lip more with no
success.  Someone (when I wasn't looking) beated on it hard enough and
took a chunk of paint off trying to get it over.  Is it fitting like this
normal?  Or is there something that I can do to make it fit better?
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