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Subject: [oletrucks] Passing on some advise
From: Ie61pah@aol.com
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 22:10:13 EDT
 Just wanted to pass on some advise to those who are just starting their 
projects. Don't get in a hurry to get it done. When I got my truck a year and 
half ago, I covered it up with a tarp for about 3-4 months, while I looked, 
asked, questioned, and came up with what I wanted to do. One year ago, before 
I got hurt, I came across a guy that was hurting for money, and in trouble 
with his wife. I bought from him a '87 IROC Camero, with a 350 TPI, 700r 
trans. for $1000.00. I had a motor and trans I wanted, but it didn't have the 
disc brake rearend that I wanted for my truck. Due to being off work for a 
year with my injury, money was going to be a problem. I almost talked myself 
into just using the drum brake rearend that came with the Camero. Last 
weekend, I ran into a guy that I knew years ago. He collects Cameros. I 
traded him my rolling Camero chassis for a disc brake rearend, a power 
steering pump, a pair of electric window motors/parts, a fuel tank w/ fuel 
pump, the computer for the TPI, and the cruse control module, and a tilt 
steering column. I was going to cut most of those parts off of my Camero, but 
by waiting I got all those parts handed to me plus the disc brake rearend 
without spending a dime, or braking a sweat.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, once you make a plan for your truck, stick 
to your plan. Don't try to just get by because you don't have the money right 
now. Wait, look around, ask around, the right parts at the right price are 
out there if you wait.
 Now all I have to do is sweet talk one of you guys into taking the tarp off 
my truck and installing the parts for me :)
                                                       Pat Hollister '58 step
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