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[oletrucks] original accelerator to carb linkage

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Subject: [oletrucks] original accelerator to carb linkage
From: PeeWee <PWeee@earthlink.net>
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2003 21:55:38 -0700
I'm looking for the original accelerator rod linkage set up. I have a 
1958 GMC 1/2 ton napco suburban with the 336 V8 pontiac motor. I've 
rebuilt an original Stromberg two barrel carburetor. It had a warner ( I 
think) carb with a completely different linkage set up. I've looked at 
my buddy's 57 GMC w/ the 336 and a hydromatic tranny and I don't think 
it's the same as my 58 w/ manual 4 speed. All that I have right now that 
I think is original is just the rod that snaps into the bottom of the 
gas pedal that goes through the hole in the firewall and that's it. I'm 
missing the rest. Does anyone have this linkage setup laying around or 
know of someone that might have it? Sure hope someone on the list can 
help me out.
                                Thank you for your time,


1958 GMC 336 V-8 Factory Napco Suburban Carryall
1959 GMC 270 inline 6-cyl Suburban Carryall
Check out my website at: http://members.tripod.com/P-Wee
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