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Subject: [oletrucks] Parts truck
From: "Steve Hanberg" <steve@OldSub.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 16:36:41 -0700
I just dragged home another old Chevy truck.

I was told it was a '48 but the serial number (EP) says its a '47.  Its a
3/4-ton and some of it is very rough.  I got it for parts because its almost
complete.  Its missing the front bumper and the cover for the battery.
Otherwise pretty much everything is there.  The story is that this was a
working truck on a farm in this area.  And the amount of body rot and pealed
back missing chrome is consistent with 50 years outdoors in the Puget Sound.
Some of the stainless is beautiful.  The front hood emblem is rotten.

I'm not sure what the original wheels would look like.  The ones on it where
15's and have the clips for hub caps.  The font end had Chevrolet hub caps on
it.  Tires were pretty bad, and since I flat-towed it the 8 miles home I put
some other wheels and tires on it to be safe.  It came with six Chevrolet hub
caps and 5 of these 15 inch 8-lug wheels.

I haven't decided if its a 4-speed or 3-speed, since it doesn't run and I've
not crawled inside to really work the shifter.  Brakes don't work, and since
there was a master cylinder lying in the bed, I suspect its been taken apart.

There are a number of parts I'm planning to use, and I've promised some parts
to a friend, but the rest of it is for sale cheap.  Any one want any '47
3/4-ton parts?

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