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[oletrucks] Knobs for TF deluxe heater controls

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Subject: [oletrucks] Knobs for TF deluxe heater controls
From: "Hanlon, Bill (ISS Houston)" <bill.hanlon@hp.com>
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 17:03:10 -0500
I was at a car show last weekend and was looking at a 55 Chevy car (not truck) 
with what was supposedly factory air conditioning.  The thing that caught my 
eye was that the knobs on the heater/defroster/fan/inside-outside air controls 
looked exactly like those on my 57 GMC, except of course they were black 
plastic like those on a Chevy TF truck would be instead of the ivory colored 
plastic that is correct (and impossible to find) for the GMC.

Anyway, my question (which I should be asking the tri-5 Chevy guys) is "Does 
anyone make aftermarket CHROME replacements for the Chevy knobs?"  A few years 
ago I saw one set of such knobs being auctioned off on a certain un-name-able 
on-line auction site.  I wasn't willing to pay the already over-bid price, but 
after seeing similar knobs of a "stock" (how many 55 Chevy convertibles do you 
think shipped with factory air??) Chevy I am wondering if that was where the 
knobs actually came from.
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