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Subject: [oletrucks] <Toys> Diecast '57 Suburban by Jada, Hotwheels '59 Task Force "
From: GremlinGTs@aol.com
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2003 22:06:12 EDT
   I was busy this weekend, and hit a few stores. Found some "new" Jada '57 
Chevy Suburbans, 1/64th scale, shiny paint, still customized. Called Low Ride 
series. Got them at the K&B Toys discount outlet. 
   I also hit the jackpot at one Toys R Us today, found some new models out, 
including a '59 Chevy truck, it's in the wild new " tapered" look, front ends 
are massive, rear ends taper down. This one is called Hardnoze Chevy 1959, 
it's got a silver paint job with black and gold feather scheme on fenders, and 
eagle on the hood. Says '59 Chief on the doors and hood. Number 024 in upper 
left hand corner, it's # 24/100 of the 2004 First Editions. 
   Also found a few HW '64 Impala's in custom paint, and a '47 chevy car. not 
a bad Sunday! So, just giving the heads up to you collectors out there. 

Jerry in Virginia
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