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[oletrucks] POR 15 question

To: "Oletrucks" <oletrucks@autox.team.net>,
Subject: [oletrucks] POR 15 question
From: "Mark Self" <mark.self@verizon.net>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 07:01:09 -0800
I would like to paint the inner fender panels of my '55 1st AD with POR 15.  I
would like to do it in gloss black.  My question:  Does POR 15 flow well?
Would brushing it on with foam brushes give an acceptable finish, or does it
have to be srayed on?  I don't do too ewell with a spray and I'm concerned
about ruining my gun with POR 15.  Thoughts, comments>

Thanks in advance.
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