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Re: [oletrucks] off topic diagnostics/suggestions request

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] off topic diagnostics/suggestions request
From: "Ryan Langford" <ryan.langford@comcast.net>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 07:49:26 -0800
First, I would make sure its not a guage problem.  disconnect the sending unit
and check the gauge.  Make sure its not bouncing, make sure its sitting at "0",
and not off the scale.  

(this is assuming that its a standard 1 wire) Then ground the wire to the 
This should make it read at maximum on the gauge.  Again, make sure its not
bouncing, and that its not out of range. If its 2 wire, you short them 
together.  If
its more than 2 wire (GM did a safety circuit off of the sender for a 
the greatest set up, IMO)....well, I'd have to get out a wiring schematic.

If you've varified the gauge, next I would put an oil pressure gauge on it.
I don't much trust gauges, I would definitely want to verify what its reading.
You can throw the sender at it, and it might or might not work....but it 
things so that if it was something really weird causing it (such as bad diodes 
the alternator, causing an AC current to mess with stuff).....just for example.

You can get oil pressure guages for checking that at most part stores for
under $30.  Yes, you'd have to pull the distributor, but its really not hard at 
I use white out, mark where the rotor is to the distributor, then mark where the
distributor is in relation of the engine.  You'll have to retime it when you 
get done,
but if you watch your marks, you'll be within a degree or two.

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