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[oletrucks] Cool quad-headlight TF truck IN TREE on card...found at Tota

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Subject: [oletrucks] Cool quad-headlight TF truck IN TREE on card...found at Total
From: GremlinGTs@aol.com
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 22:46:01 EST
   I went in Total Crafts store tonight ( in Virginia ) to look for some 
stuff, and stopped by the card rack on the way out, as they had AMC Rambler 
awhile back. Found one of them, and got it. THEN I noticed a red-and-white '59 
? TF Chevy truck UP IN A TREE, so I picked up the card,and opened it. It says 
" I can explain....". LOL ! It's a beautiful truck, you can see the angle 
iron bolted to the tree forks, so this must be a legit picture. So, for any of 
you quad-crazies, there's a cool card out there you might want to "collect". 
Just thought I'd pass this on. Also, if you missed it the first time around, 
Hotwheels has a '59 Chevy truck out in the Hardnoze series, it's a caricature 
a BIG front end and big wheels, and small tail end and smaller wheels, 
chopped top. Card # 024, 2004 First Editions 24/100. Comes in silver metallic 
black and gold feather tampos and Chief printed on the door and hood. 
   Well, that's my TF for the day, but earlier this week, I spotted a 
super-bright neon green '57 Chevy truck, with black hood, traveling south near 
Airport, VA. Wow, it sure stood out amongst the more mundane rides heading to 
work that morning! I thought the Big Bad Green AMC color was bright, but this 
was a lighter shade of green, you could spot this truck from 30,000 feet in 
the air, I'm sure! Makes me wish I was further along on my '55 Suburban 
project... sniff!

Jerry in Virginia
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