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Re: [oletrucks] Spring needed for 55 2nd series truck

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Spring needed for 55 2nd series truck
From: Cadamsarch@aol.com
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 14:16:50 EDT
Hello Ole Truckers,

To find a spring, I would try:
       McMaster-Carr Supply Company
       Tel:  (732) 329-3200 

When one of our vendors (of whom I generally think highly) sent a Chevy AD 
accelerator spring that was out of the ball park compared to their catalog 
illustration and what was on my truck, I figured there must be someone in the 
spring business with a reasonable selection. McMaster-Carr seems to be that 
someone. Browsing their catalog is like getting lost in an old time hardware 
Here are some of their product group headings:

Pipe, Tubing, Hose and Fittings
Pumping, Vibrating and Filtering
Process Control and Instrumentation
Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilating
Lighting and Electrical
Power Transmission
Material Handling
Protective Clothing and Equipment Communication and Office Supplies
Plumbing and Janitorial
Machinery Maintenance
Measuring, Leveling and Inspecting
Fabricating, Cutting and Sawing
Machining and Clamping
Parts Treating, Abrasives and Finishing
Hand Tools
Fastening and Sealing
Raw Materials and Springs


Culver Adams
1951 Chevy 3100

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phoneman@ticon.net writes:

> Subj:[oletrucks] Spring needed for 55 2nd series truck
> Date:6/2/04 2:36:20 AM Central Daylight Time
> From:    phoneman@ticon.net (mark treutelaar)
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> Hi I need the long spring above the rearend which I believe is a parking 
> brake
> return spring. Its about 8" in length. Napa doesnt have this. Does anyone 
> know
> where or how I can get a decent spring   Thanks Mark

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