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[oletrucks] Cost of rebuilding a 235

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Subject: [oletrucks] Cost of rebuilding a 235
From: tim <omahamail@fastmail.fm>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 14:54:57 -0700
I'm starting to entertain the idea of pulling the 235 from my 54 1/2-ton 
pickup and having it rebuilt.  This would be done to a) fix the 
oil/coolant mixing problem, b) improve gas mileage, and c) make me feel 
better about using "Peanut" as my daily driver.

Any ideas what this might cost me?  Any particular questions I should 
ask of potential machine shops?


54 chevy 3100 "peanut"
54 chevy panel "waiting for me to get off my behind and haul it home"

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