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[oletrucks] Ram Air 350 in 59 Chevy

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Subject: [oletrucks] Ram Air 350 in 59 Chevy
From: "K Ohlgren" <kjohlgren@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 03:55:34 +0000
well my crate motor arrived from GM last week. I bit the bullet and bought 
GM's Ram Air 350
installed it to make sure everything would match the old 350 installation. 
the motor fit but there are 2 plugs that go into the back of the electronic 
ignition distributor. I tried to move the motor forwards but ran into oilpan 
interference. any one install this motor in a Task Force pickup yet? it 
looks like I will need to move the hump in the firewall back about an 1 1/2 
inches to get clearance for these plugs.


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