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Re: [oletrucks] Advice needed on cleaning polished aluminum

To: "Carl & Becky Ham" <the_hams@hotmail.com>, oletrucks@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Advice needed on cleaning polished aluminum
From: wayne osborne <wayne@chevytrucks.org>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 10:44:57 -0400
    That is one of the reasons I went to different wheels, justified more 
by the rearend swap. Such a pain to clean and polish to keep them looking 
good. There are some products on the market to help clean the tarnish off. 
If the intake is polished aluminum (not polished and clear coated) your 
getting a dull looking finish as compared to the chrome like when it was 
new. Go to the wheel department in parts store and look for polish for the 
aluminum wheels and go at it. I've used many to include Mother Polish, is a 
paste rub and clean-if used with a dremel tool, it'll just sling off. Some 
make the same type thing but the can is kinda like a saturated cotton 
material that you pull off a piece, rub till the tarnish is visible and 
buff with a clean rag. Ever used Brasso to clean tarnished brass--same concept.
Wheel manufactures now offer clear coated polished wheels to keep the user 
from having to polish ever other weekend..
   If the finish is just road crime the above use of the such products will 
work great-wheel cleaners i mean-not the spray stuff. Worst thing anyone 
could do to anything that is polished aluminum is DO NOT PUT FANTASTIC, 409 
OR EQUIVALENT product, it will actually eat into the finish and only way to 
get the shine back is to polish with a buffer and compound. If Fantastic is 
used the finish will turn into a milking whitish film and you'll be cussing 
yourself for the next 3 weekends it'll take to get the chrome like finish 
back.   --wayne

At 10:11 PM 10/12/04 -0500, Carl & Becky Ham wrote:
>Anyone have some suggestions, a 'miracle' cleaning method or etc. before I 
>get the polish out and rub my fat fingers raw trying to get into the 
>cracks and corners?

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