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Re: [oletrucks] Head gasket

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Head gasket
From: Jim Nordwall <jimnordwall@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 06:32:39 -0700 (PDT)
I worked in a garage for many years, we rebuilt a lot
of engines, copper coat was definately our favorite
gasket sealant. Permatex No. 2 was our least favorite.
It did not always seal, was nasty to remove from metal
or skin and always seemed to find a way to get on your
clothes. With Permatex No. 2, the next time you remove
the head, you will need a fork truck to get it off,
even if the gasket is leaking.

Jim Nordwall
50 3100

--- "K. M. Lehmann" <klehmann@bentonrea.com> wrote:

> I use K & W copper coat, You can get it spray or
> dabber can. I like the
> spray and you can use it on all gaskets. Also you
> can get it apart later
> without a chisel.
> Lee
> Many trucks
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> Subject: [oletrucks] Head gasket
> > Hey all,
> > Copper head gasket.  Sealant, or no?  Do I need to
> use any sealant when
> > installing a copper based head gasket, or should
> it be installed dry?  If
> > sealant is needed, what should I use?
> >
> > -Larry

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