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[oletrucks] re: the Christmas card

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Subject: [oletrucks] re: the Christmas card
From: <eds57@charter.net>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 0:02:20 +0000
I called the newspaper about the ad in the coupon section displaying the AD 
pickup, wreath on the tailgate, etc etc.
They said it was an insert, and not an ad printed in the paper. They hace 
copies of the paper, but not any inserted ads, like from Sears, Penneys, 
including the Sunday coupon inserts. 
  Soooooo, let's hope it runs again before the Holidays are upon us. Keep your 
eyes peeled !!!!!
  And thanks for the input too.....

    Ed in Mich.
    '57 3100

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