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Subject: [oletrucks] FOR SALE MY Z-49 =; (
From: Tom3600@webtv.net (Toms OLTRUK Z49)
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 10:37:38 -0600
Hi to all my old truck buddies.   I am sorry to announce that My 1949
Chevy CHEVY 3/4 ton Z-49 pickup truck might have to be up for sale.
Most of you already know of all the details of the Resto-Rod Z-49.
(stock body, Slt. Mod. 235 I-6, 1990 Chevy S10 T-t Tranny, and 4.10
chevy rearend gears)   I have somewhat more than $20000.00 invested in
parts alone. 

I have been recently diagnosed with full blown Mercel Cell Carcinoma and
by prognosis is not very good.   I have no heirs that have the space to
store it in nor the financial ability to purchase it.   Although I might
give it to one on my 3 grandsons if they show an interest in keeping it
sonewhat stock   

To check out the latest details go to:
http://community-2.webtv.net/TOMPOT/TOMS1949CHEVYPICKUP/  There are some
photos of finer closeup pics on the first page.    Many other detailed
pics available and would give a very detailed verbal description.   This
is a trophy winner and can be further rodded or restrored to stock

Tom Poterack
2410 14th Ave
Moline, IL 61265

oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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