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From: wayne osborne <wayne@chevytrucks.org>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 09:49:00 -0500
Hi Folks,
     I'm sure most of you know Roger (Pee Wee) Garrett that is on our list, 
well you haven't hear any input from him in a while as an accident has 
rendered him in the hospital for a couple months and he's still there. I 
just recently, with the help of Pat Wilson from the NAPCO web site 
http://www.napco4x4.org/ as roger owned a 58 NAPCO suburban, got his 
address at the hospital as he's still in intensive care with quiet a bit of 
recovery to do. There's a photo of roger and his truck on the above web site.
     I just received the details of his accident that happened while 
working on his truck. We've all heard and read about safety and 
disconnecting the battery when performing work on a vehicle and this makes 
is more a reality to DO that. Seems Roger was adjusting the clutch 
underneath his truck and the wrench came in contact with the starter 
solenoid, the switch was in the on position and yep, it started up and 
caught him between the front differential and dragged him quiet a few feet. 
Unsure of exactly what injuries he sustained but its pretty serious as he's 
having lung problems and is still in intensive care after a couple months 
so please be safe folks...
    I'm getting up a get well letter to send to him in a couple days and if 
anyone wants to include a howdy do--please sent it to me off list and i'll 
include your wishes as well. I'll also post the finished product for all to 
see. I believe I still have a xxxl oletrucks shirt left over from the last 
run that as unclaimed and i'll send it to him also.
    On the list we're all a family in a sense, we've contributed when a 
member had a fire at their home, wished well and will keep those with 
health issues in our thoughts and prayers as we have a couple members 
dealing with those now. We've had members come and go but still see some of 
the same familiar names we've seen for years and hope to continue to see 
for many years to come.
Please send replies to me off list at  wayne@chevytrucks.org   and i'll 
sent it our possibly Wednesday but most likely Thursday..    --wayne

Wayne Osborne

oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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