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[oletrucks] re intake

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Subject: [oletrucks] re intake
From: "Devin Timmons" <hotrod64chevy@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 20:47:59 -0800
Luke-  Can't beat the cool factor of a set of triple carbs....I'm assuming on
an inline motor?  Linkage can be a pain, depending on whose parts you are
using and your fabrication skills.  There is no black magic in synchronizing
the carbs, just take some time and learn how.  Teh tool runs about 25-30 bucks
and can be bought through several of the resto houses.  My personal opinion is
that putting a 4 barrel carb right in front of the center cylinders should
make them run rich, and the outside cylinders run lean, just like a stock 1bbl
setup does.  Pull your plugs and take a look.

My 2 cents


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