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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Stick on letters
From: Cadamsarch@aol.com
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 13:32:28 EST
Hello Steve & OleTruckers,

Architects, years ago, used a ton of press-on letters & numerals. (Not so 
much since computer graphics came into our lives.)

We found "Letraset" brand has the best adhesive & is easiest to use. It comes 
in lots of type faces & sizes. Burnishers are available to press it onto the 
surface to which you are applying it, but we use soft-lead color pencils, such 
as "Prismacolor" by Berol. Most of the time we use these letters on paper or 
mylar, though I have put them on varnished wood with good results. On paper or 
mylar, we sometimes protect the letters with spray fixitive. On varnished 
wood I used spray urethane. 

All this stuff is available at our local art supply stores.

Hope this helps.

Culver Adams
1951 Chevy 3100, whose 235 fires up on the first crank in this subzero 
weather, now that I have 12 Volts & 2-0 welding cable from battery to starter & 
to battery.
Minneapolis, MN

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> Subj:[oletrucks] Stick on letters 
> Date:2005-12-06 07:05:58 Central Standard Time
> From:slstusmc@yahoo.com
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>   Ayone know of a source to get stick on paint letters. I guess that's what 
> you could call them. I'm looking for 3/16" letters to apply to an old piece 
> of equipment we are restoring in the shop at work. A 1958 Melroe (Bobcat) 
> M-200. These letters are used for safety/maintenance instructions on the 
>unit.  I 
> figured no better source could be found than here to start. Any help would 
> be greatly appreciated.
>   Steve Stuckmeyer
>   51 3100
>   St Peters, MO

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