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[Oletrucks] Colorado Posse Reactivated

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Subject: [Oletrucks] Colorado Posse Reactivated
From: "Durwood B. Darbin" <dhckdkcsk@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 07:30:52 -0600
Just a friendly reminder - The Colorado old Chevy/GMC (AD & TF) truck posse
has been reactivated to the level of 'TexCon Alpha'.  It was put on standby a
few years ago. All of them Texicans piping up lately are the reason for the
activation.  I believe with all of that chatter that they must be thinking
that they are real people and welcomed everywhere.  The fazers are NOT set to
stun, they are set to 'you came, you saw, now get back too Texas' which is
emphasized with a size 12 placed right where the sun don't shine.  We are also
wise to the past practice of them Texans sneakin' in by using another states
license plate and when caught they say, "Oh, that is my wife's car".  Yeah,
right.  That action will earn you a noogie in addition to the above penalty.
That applies even if you have the coolest blue AD panel truck that I have ever

And someone had better go over to that Gale Gormans' house and see what kind
of vehicle he really drives.  I'm bettin' that it is a F%#D and he is a plant
on these lists.  Not knowing what an AD or a TF is was a big clue there.

Hey boy with a girl's name - AD means Advanced Design and TF means Task Force.
Lets see if your F%#D buddies can figger out when they were manufactured and
by whom.

Durwood @ TESRWNN

Colorado Posse

51 Chevy 1/2 ton Deluxe 5 window
52 Burb
54 Jimmy 1/2 ton Deluxe 5 window

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