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Re: digital cameras

To: The Spectors <>
Subject: Re: digital cameras
From: Brian Kemp <>
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 09:12:44 -0800
I have to disagree in part.  I ordered the Picture disk and was disappointed.  
All the
pictures on the roll are saved on a 1.4M floppy disk with the application 
They are saved as a compressed jpg, with many details often washed out.  Areas 
similar color, like faces and the sides of cars, were brought together as one 
color or
in lower resolution.  The below pictures look ok, but both were cleaned up 
using Adobe
photo deluxe.  The picture of crater lake was filtered and is shown at the 
largest size
possible.  The picture of the engine needed about 30 minutes of contrast and 
work to distinguish the block from the background.  Several people pictures 
look like
the people on the news with their identity hidden.

You can see a sample at my web page, 
or for an
item to the Triumph list at
The second picture is how you get an engine on or off an engine stand without a 
It involves a jack for the car.

If you just have an occasional need, get a $90 scanner and scan regular photos 
or go to
Kinko's and scan them there.

Brian Kemp

The Spectors wrote:

> I haven't taken the plunge for a digital camera yet- but I've had pretty good 
> by adding Kodak's "PictureDisk" option whenever I get my film processed. It's
> ~$4.00 extra per roll, and what you get back is a floppy with everything that
> was on the film in screen resolution jpeg format. Serves my purposes, and 
> take a lot of time before I'll get to the cost of a new digital camera by 
>going this
> route.
> -Larry Spector

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