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Re: Removing Road Paint from Auto Paint

Subject: Re: Removing Road Paint from Auto Paint
From: Mike Rambour <>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 10:24:08 -0700
   This happened on my brand new motorcycle 2 years ago, I got home with 19 
miles on the odometer and my motor, exhaust and other parts of the bike 
splattered with this stuff.  By then though it was well baked on due to the 
heat and it would not come off, can you imagine how pissed I was ?

  I retraced my route and found out where I had gone over the white lines 
and found no one there working on the lines.  I went to CalTrans and 
started complaining loudly, turns out I got a guy in trouble because he had 
removed the cones before the paint was dry because it was lunchtime and he 
wanted to move on to the next road.

   Anyway, they gave me a small bottle of solvent to remove it and it did 
from all but the exhaust pipes where it was really baked on.  They 
suggested being careful on paint but I didn't have any on painted 
surfaces.  I don't know what this solvent was, it was in a small clear 
plastic bottle with no writting on it but it worked, it smelled to me like 
M.E.K. but they said it was ok on paint and I would never put M.E.K. on 
paint. Maybe you should contact the state road dept. where you are.

        mike (who finally got to replace his 2 spotted white tires where the 
got in the thread this summer)

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