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[Shop-talk] PO174 - PO176 OBD CODES

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Subject: [Shop-talk] PO174 - PO176 OBD CODES
From: "john niolon" <>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 09:07:30 -0600
MY '03 Tahoe through a check engine light at me yesterday... reader shows
po174 and po176 codes which are engine lean...both banks

from my googling it seems that it 'might' be a dirty MAF sensor or vacuum leak
or leaking hoses etc
figured I'd start with the MAF sensor.

what's the best thing to clean it with and procedure if more than just
spraying it down good  ??  does it need to be removed from the MAF or cleaned
in place...

what ever happened to cleaning/setting your points with a matchbook cover and
getting back on the road ??  I hate technology... oh and windows vista...


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