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[Shop-talk] Natural gas fireplace

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Natural gas fireplace
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2010 09:27:08 -0400
OK, here is the background, a few years ago my parents removed their 
fireplace insert for a natural gas fireplace.

It was professionally installed.

they used if for most of the winter, then they noticed their entire 
ceiling in that room was black with soot.  They called the installers who 
came out and checked it.  They could find nothing wrong and they blamed 
them for running it with the flue closed.

That summer, they stripped the ceilings and repainted.  The next winter, 
the same thing.

My question, what can be causing this excess soot?  Is there something 
with the burner?  Is there a way to check the flame's efficiency?

Is there some other place I should look to?


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